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Phantom Sentinel Phantom Sentinel
The ability of U.S. ground troops to safely navigate the gauntlet of the urban battlefield has been greatly enhanced through the development of the VeraTech Aero "Phantom Sentinel" line of Virtually Invisible VTOL UAV Surveillance platforms. The Phantom Series single blade rotorcraft has the ability to deliver close up, real time video intelligence within 75 feet of nearly any event and remain virtually undetectable to the human eye.

Based on the concept of persistence of vision, the Phantom's single rotor blade has a center of rotation outside of the UAVs' physical fuselage. As the aircraft spins, it disappears from vision. The Phantom has a uniquely minimal cross section allowing it to "slice" through even the most adverse weather conditions that would keep conventional UAV systems on the ground. The rotational inertia generated in flight allows the UAV to self level and maintain a very high degree of stability, even while hovering. Phantom is scalable from two to ten feet in length to accommodate a wide variety of flight times and payloads. The compact size and light weight make it easy to fold, field pack, and hand launch.

Phantom Sentinel Demo Features

  • Near invisible surveillance for close in intelligence
  • Scalable in size/range
  • Self Leveling in flight
  • Several launching options
    • Throw and go
    • Canister launch
    • Drop from aircraft
    • Remote launch
  • Easily field packable/foldable
  • Adverse weather resistant
  • Limited training required
  • Electrically operated
  • RC or GPS compatible
  • 360 degree spherical viewing available from high speed camera
  • DC electric power
  • Two to ten feet in length
  • Two to six inches in height
  • Four-lb weight
  • Collapsible wing allows The Phantom to easily fold into a 12 X 6 X 4 inch space
Phantom Sentinel Product Sheet Phantom Sentinel Product Sheet
Animated Test Flight
First Prototype Flight Phantom Model Flight Phantom
"Phantom" is protected by three US patents with additional patents pending!
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